What makes a family? How can we protect yours? What are your rights in your relationship? With the answers to these questions continuing to change, it is essential that LGBTQ Marylanders have legal counsel that has a practice dedicated to serving LGBTQ clients and their needs. As a member of the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Family Law Institute and the National LGBT Bar Association, Miriam H. Sievers, Esq. is prepared to handle your LGBTQ family law matter.

Family Formation

Even with nationwide marriage equality, parentage rights are still governed by state law. Because of this, it is important to ensure that both parents in a relationship, even if you are married, have equal legal parentage rights. Our attorneys can help with the legal documents and court orders needed to protect your family as it grows, including second-parent adoptions, pre-birth orders, and donor agreements for known donors.

Divorce and Separation Issues

The Law Offices of Karen D. Amos handles complex divorce and separation issues for LGBTQ clients, including appellate litigation. We understand that many couples sought out legal protections before marriage was available and recognize the nuances that your divorce or separation may bring. Our attorneys recently won a precedent-setting case in Maryland which held that Vermont Civil Unions must be treated as marriages for divorce purposes in Maryland.

Name Change and Gender Change Petitions

If you or a loved one need assistance in updating identity documents, the Law Offices of Karen D. Amos can help.

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